Just a perfect day!

This is what the sentence on the coffee glass says, it’s the slogan of this fake place.. What the hell.. At least I get a good connection with my coffee…

I just returned from college, having tried to register there for the last two days, I feel I don’t want this anymore, I mean God! eventually I didn’t want this department, and eventually I’m not possibly going to work in what ever bachelor degree I’m taking out of it, and eventually, my dream of mastering visual communications will never see the light unless I decide to study another four years of fine arts or a related department.

تصبحون على وطن


3 تعليقات to “Just a perfect day!”

  1. you can make your own study and gain experience with more work you do

    any way good you are blogging

    have a nice day and a nice watan

  2. i’ve heard about ur blog from Bahz Beeh…
    & i think u’re blog is way Cool…

    love it really. except that the color is too dark , i can barely c the font

    have a Cool Day!!


  3. Aah Sara I’m blushed! Hehe.. Thanks for the comment.. things here are still a bit not professional due to my ignorance with this technology, but most of all, it’s due to the connection here and my busy life..
    As for the color, you’re truly right, I’ll try to get all my next posts with a bigger text size and a higher contrast..
    Thanks for sharing 

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