I am a dictator.

It’s late.. I just came back home after a long gray day at work.. I don’t want to imagine anything, nor think of anything, nor actually do anything, so I decided to enjoy some wasting-time machine, namely, TV.


It was one of the old movies I watched before on other channels and never had the patience to finish.. However, today, I had the time to, and a simple sentence attracted me, said by one of the characters.


The character is basically a loner, who prefers pages filled with words rather than people filled with emptiness, and who-therefore, appears to be highly and deeply educated. Another side of his personality shows up to be clam and peaceful, yet turns out in the end of the movie into a monstrous murderer.


Anyhow, during his calm status he goes into a discussion about freedom, where he says:


“Freedom brings murder, because freedom is pretty much self centered and selfish, individualistic and doesn’t have much to do with the best of the group, but rather with the best of the individual, therefore, Freedom does bring murder”


His friends start to simply refer to him as a dictator…


…. I just wonder if one day I will end up as a murderer.  


3 تعليقات to “I am a dictator.”

  1. according to this principle half the entire world will turn into murderers and the other half will turn into victims

  2. الحريه المطلقه مع غياب سلطه ملومه “سواء قانونيه أو دينيه” هى بالقطع قتل.. و لكن على مدار التاريخ راح ملايين الشهداء تحت أسم الحفاظ على وحده الصف و مصلحه الجماعه … لو أن الحريه هى نصيب مقسوم فى الارض … فبأخذك الحريه من شخص بالمقابل تعطينها لشخص أخر و يصبح قاتلاً ذو أمكانيات أكبر ..ز الحل هو توزريع التركه و ليتساوى نصيبنا فى القدرة على القتل و لتقوم عداله الحراميه

    عمرك سمعتى عن حرامى سرق حرامى … يلا بقى نبقى كلنا حراميه… وصل و لا لسه

  3. أنا معك مية بالمية.. لكن بالنهاية مين اللي بيحدد حدود الحرية؟؟ و هل واضع القانون أو الدين معصوم عن الخطأ في التحديد؟
    هاد السؤال جوهري بالنسبة إلي و لهلأ ما طلع معي جواب.

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