Why ya rabbi!!?

That’s just great.. Israelis had created a group to reopen Facebook in Syria! Was this a way to show Syrian youth how Israelis are “feeling sorry” for them, how pathetic Syrian youth are!?


On the other hand, The Syrian Network has been spammed recently by some spammers apparently living abroad, insulting the regime and the person of the Syrian president (explains the blocking). One of those spammers was a person under the name of Manuell Samuell, with an Israeli flag as his profile photo. Samuell of course is not Israeli, but a Syrian who hates Syria to the extent of raising the Israeli flag as his identity and then directly insult the regime

It’s important to note here, that in Syria, unlike other countries, insulting the president is more taken as an insult to the nation and the country, regardless of my own opinion of the person of the president, I understand the public reaction towards such insults..


I personally don’t care about what person has to say about the regime, I have my own opinion about it as well, however, and as a Syrian concerned about Syria, I find it terribly insulting to have the country and it’s president insulted this way in a public wall, specially the Syrian network wall.


Most probably and in my opinion, those spammers belong to the so-called opposition in London and Paris lead by Khaddam and Bayanouni, One corrupt leader, and one extremist. The reason I concluded that was the simply fact that I had been receiving for the last few months now regular “Newsletters” from this side of the world calling for a new Syria and for the downfall of the current regime and explaining what happened in their meetings abroad.


Aside from my own reaction towards opposing a certain regime from outside the community, I would like to clear out that Abdelhalim Khaddam was the Syrian vice president and had been for the last decade a symbol of corruption in Syria, while Bayanouni is the leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, which in my very own personal opinion, and having lost an uncle by them, I would say easily that they are one extremist side that should not be raised again in this country if we ever planned for Syria to be secular.


However now, and what hurts me the most, is that the authorities here has blocked the site and we as Syrians who would have a say about all of this spamming, will not have a chance to do so, and moreover, we will receive invitations to join a group of reopening facebook in Syria, basically created by Israelis.



P.S: Please try to check the Syrian Network, I would have linked it for you, but it just won’t work from here.  





رد واحد to “Why ya rabbi!!?”

  1. well, as if
    we will do ur own group
    never bother honey
    arabs for free syria
    كلنا ايد واحدة يا بهجت ………….. مدرسو المشاغبين
    فاطمة …. مصر

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