You and Me

You(1): we met three years ago, you knew about me before you met me, and it was easy for a relation to start when I came.. and so it started. It started fast, and it ended fast few months later. Maybe it was your hair, but most probably, it was how you kept showing me your feelings all the time, and how I enjoyed it.. I’m sorry I left you this way, I’m sorry for being such a bad liar.


You’re a nice piece of body.


Why did you come back yesterday?




You(2): we also met three years ago, there in the same place.. Meeting you showed me how small this life can be. You were there as a Dark Ray, and I  refused this and called you Ray, Dusk Ray.


For the later years, and although we also met in college, I never had the courage to tell you that I actually do feel for you.. It was your skin, and the tone of your voice when you tell me that you care for me.


Only few weeks ago, we came up again, and I told you what I never did, and for no surprise at all, you told me the same. We decided to start something non formal, for you’re leaving in February, leaving once and for all.


You kept tempting me, and you know it works, and I know that I have to stand strong against all temptations, because another you is there.


You’re a sweet child.


Where are we heading next, and why don’t you control the feelings!




You(3): me and you met five years ago, I told you about my self the moment we met, and you didn’t  have any problem being around some one so different like me. We loved each other, and I can say we still do up to this day. I can never forget the times you stood by me, even when you knew that there was another You in my life.. Sometimes I see us together in a future, watching you working all day long like this, and being the successful person you are, makes me sure that you care the one, the father of the children I want one day. Why? Because you were always, always there, even when you knew that I felt for some one else, you demanded to stay there and watch me at a distance. And, now while you’re fighting for our future, and I am fighting for my future with some one else, you still say you love me. I never met anyone with such a big heart, and never had anyone forgiving all me SINS the way you do.


You’re a priest.


Do you think it will work?




You(4): It was last March, outside my country and outside yours. If I want to think about it deeper, it was also outside my world.


I don’t know what it was, you were sitting behind me when everyone was singing, I could hear your voice among all as if it was only you and me there. Our meeting was only lasting for a week, and till the 5th day, I didn’t have any courage to come closer and say everything.. Say what exactly? That you took my mind away since I met you! For a sane person, it would make no sense, so I thought, I should be insane to say it, and I waited for that night.


Things led to that night anyway, and I found my self there after having drank till I forgot reality, and I found my self near you, saying it all. The next day, having been sober, I didn’t have ability to look in your eyes.


I don’t know how things evolved since then, I don’t know why you became so much more than what I expected any one to be.


What gathers us now, is no more than few moments in virtual world, and “few dreams we may never realize”.. What separates us is much stronger, it’s pain and distance and the different worlds we’re living in, your You, and my You.


I am now on my way for a small dream to come true, February…. I wonder if I can staii handle the pressure here till then. I just wonder if I can survive it, but most of all, I wonder if “we” can survive it.


You are all of them.


Do you feel the same?


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