Making love

-So you’re not coming tomorrow?

-I don’t know, I’m not sure


-I’m distracted by something else.

-You mean someone else.

-What ever

-I wish I can end that some one….. You said you want to learn.

-I don’t want you to teach me.

-Come, no one will be home… Bring that same Smirnoff and come


-I’ll get to show you everything.

-I don’t want to see much, what I want to see is not in your place.

-Don’t be silly and poetic, we’ll simply make love.



-I might come


-No wait, I have a request


-I want to take pictures

-Of what?!

-Of you, of the curve.


-Did this offend you? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to.. It’s just…..

-You’re not going to make love to me?

-doch, I will…. I will take pictures… I can’t make love,I can make a design or a photos.


رد واحد to “Making love”

  1. OK then can i come 😉
    please … please

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