We have visual private media!

It all started with the show called “Red Lines”, where I was supposed to give a visual concept for its studio in my training session. Having been closer to the show and the presenter who is no more than a woman seeking the fame of her name on the expense of simple transparent media rules and principles, Having taken a closer look at her show in the time when my video editing sessions started, I discovered where this whole thing is leading to!

She was doing her first series of episodes about homosexuals in Syria. I’m not going to say as a person in media, man is supposed to do what, but I’m going to simply say what she did.

She basically interviewed a lawyer and a bishop, who both strongly fought against homosexuality as a choice in life and not as a matter of reality, as a new fag and not as an ancient culture or life style. When I referred -smoothly- to the mistake in taking a mono-based opinion, she agreed and thought she should interview a homosexual. This sort of made me think that things will turn out fine. The other day she brought her DV’s to be captured, and to my surprise, the person she interviewed was no more than a gay, who actually gets paid for joining group sex sessions “with HUGE people”. Regardless of what this exactly means, who he exactly meant by this, I turned my back to the whole report and got my self busy with editing something else in order not to lose my temper sooner or later.

Another “wannabe” came also yesterday with his smile on his face and his DV’s in his hand. He seemed educated and I had some hopes about him specially when my colleague started capturing his DV’s allowing everyone in the room to hear the report. OH MY GOD! It’s about CEDAW! WOW! Finally some Syrian visual media is discussing this! Syria has signed CEDAW some when in the 90’s, a treaty about equality in general and gender equality in particular, and when it comes to gender equality, Syria is still so much in the back of this culture.

We still have troubles with civil laws concerning women and their personal freedom when it comes to marriage and divorce and employment, and of course, the damned law of crimes of honor. Syria, when had signed CEDAW, restricted some articles in the conviction, that directly had to do with women rights, and again, human rights in general. However, the report slowly started to decline into a tone of encouraging the government for the restrictions, and attacking the CEDAW as a whole while flirting with the articles that Syria signed! Some comments were shocking as “CEDAW as whole encourages total freedom, total equality between men and women, and this is against the Islamic legislation and tradition, it is indeed against our community”, while others were more offensive as “as a whole, CEDAW is against the Syrian civil constitution and law”.

Well.. Well.. The moment I saw the reprt rather than only hearing it, the shock gradually faded out. The report simply was a coverage of a forum about CEDAW, and for my no-surprise at all, all the attendees were Qubaisees, the Syrian Islamic community. In particular those who are usually seen as wearing white head scarfs with black or dark blur veils. Having studied in their school for six years in my life, I would say the more or less represent the smooth side of any extremist concept. The one who gave one of the brilliant previous comments was a apparently a Shiekh. Ya salam.. I spent some time thinking out side while smoking my break-cigarette, what the hell happened to this country which has the word “SECULAR” in it’s very own constitution.. But more than anything else, I spent the time thinking of the media that is basically doing nothing but promoting the out-dated concepts we are tied by. As for why the government didn’t change these “religious laws” in “Secualr Syria”, another post should be written, however not now, only when I think I am strong enough to write it. It is such a disappointment for me now to realize that the private TV channels, after finally having the privilege of opening several in my country, will not do the proper job of a media channel, and will not leave the opinion of the government to the government, but rather will continue flirting with it, while promoting it to the people who really need an alternative. Not to mention, promoting the very personal opinion of the owner of the channel, who in my case, happens to be a refugee, and who is secured with his wealth in Syria, and will of course in his turn, flirt those who secured him.


تصبحون على وطن.


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